Public Charities - Community Foundations

Public charities such as community foundations are a key element in improving and engaging their surrounding area as well as in supporting meaningful causes. Our solutions help accelerate those causes.

Catered and Professional Philanthropy

Public charities such as community foundations serve and amaze their clients, nurturing lifelong relationship that span through generations. With FiTech Partners set of integrated technology components and optional back office services, your charity can create a unique donor's experience. Tailored philanthropic account, standard or personalized investment strategy, servicing both the individual/family grant making causes and your community giving programs opportunities.

Group of volunteers
Volunteers at a food bank.

"We are committed to our clients success and proud to support them as they add so much value to so many communities and causes.
The team at FidTech Partners strives everyday to service our clients the best possible way."

-Sam Whittle, CEO

With our PGFundConnection and DonorSphere technologies, plus a set of optional Back-Office Service Bureau services, we deliver a significant value to Community Foundations.

Our technology is web-based and a relational database driven (Microsoft SQL server).

Our solutions deliver the following major functions:

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