Financial Organizations

Financial organizations cater to their affluent clients with multiple philanthropic Products. Financial Advisors and Private Wealth professionals would like to provide their clients with an wholistic set of solutions.

Our Value to Financial Organizations

With FidTech Partners' PGFundConnection and DonorSphere technologies, plus a set of optional Back-Office Service Bureau services, we deliver a significant value to Financial Organizations.

Our technology is web-based and a relational database driven (Microsoft SQL server).

We deliver top Security Standards that fits financial organizations standards and we successfully meet annual hacking audits.

Our solutions deliver the following major functions:

Financial Organization

"For most of the past decade, we have successfully serviced the needs of a major financial institution, administering over 20B dollars of their charitable funds transactions and providing all necessary reporting.

Our technology and back office services supports thousands of fund holders, printing and mailing their statements as required. We continue to strive to support our clients in every area to provide a complete philanthropic fund accounting financial solution."

Victoria Robinson, COO FidTech Partners